The LA AGO Podcast

Episode 14 (Yoojung Chung & Nicholas Galinaitis)

October 03, 2021 Host: Thompson Howell Season 3 Episode 1
The LA AGO Podcast
Episode 14 (Yoojung Chung & Nicholas Galinaitis)
Show Notes

The LA AGO Podcast is back as the Chapter begins its 2021-2022 season.

We kick things off on Monday, October 18th with a Members' Recital at Westwood United Methodist Church in the bustling Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles featuring organists Yoojung Chung, Organist at WUMC, Nicholas Galinaitis, Director of Music & Organist at Newport Harbor Lutheran Church in Newport Beach, CA, and LA AGO Podcast host Thompson Howell.

This event will be in-person and will also be live-streamed courtesy of the church. For specific details about this event including information on Covid-19 guidelines that will be in place and how to view the live-stream on the night of the recital if you choose not to attend in person,  please visit the Chapter's website at

Yoojung, Nicholas, and Thompson touch on many topics including: Yoojung's upbringing in South Korea in a family of musicians; the influence of her cousin who exposed her to the organ; how she tries to change some people's negative perception of the organ by playing a good mix of both traditional and contemporary organ repertoire; and how the pandemic allowed her to focus more on her organ practice and become more involved in the organ scene. Nicholas shares his love of Romantic piano literature and how that translates into his organ playing; talks about his memory of watching CBS's Mike Wallace interview pianist Vladimir Horowitz when he was very young; credits his Grandparents for exposing him to the possibilities of the organ; and explains why he moved to Los Angeles from rural Maryland. Plus, the three have an engaging discussion about the importance of finding the right teacher for YOU; whether memorizing repertoire is beneficial; who has the worse commute to their job - Yoojung or Nicholas?; and lots more!

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Information about the organ at Westwood United Methodist Church is here.
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