The LA AGO Podcast

Episode 6 (Dr. Emma Whitten)

January 03, 2021 Host: Thompson Howell Season 2 Episode 3
The LA AGO Podcast
Episode 6 (Dr. Emma Whitten)
Show Notes

The LA AGO Podcast is back with its first episode of 2021!

Our first guest of the new year is Dr. Emma Whitten who will be playing for our next virtual event on Monday, January 18th at 7pm from Hollywood United Methodist Church with its grand 1929 Casavant organ. As with all our programs, this event will be streamed live via the LA AGO YouTube channel and Facebook page (links below).

Emma shares with host Thompson Howell her reflections on the past year with its challenges and opportunities; her formative years in the Knoxville, Tennessee area; how she landed her first church job at age 11 that paid her a whopping $25; her memories of her first teacher and the 4 rank organ she began taking organ lessons on; her love of puzzles and why she pursued a double degree in Music and Mathematics at the University of Notre Dame; the reason she pursued each of her graduate degrees at a different school; her thoughts on teaching and why she enjoys healthy, constructive arguments with her own teachers and adult students; her travel plans to the UK in 2021; a preview of her program on January 18th together with her impressions of the 1929 Casavant organ at Hollywood United Methodist Church; and much more!

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You can learn even more and view some of Emma's performances at her website here.
More information on the organ at Hollywood United Methodist Church is here.
The LA AGO YouTube channel is here.
The LA AGO Facebook page is here.